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Kitty Town Coffee


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Subscription Multipack Discount

Use discount code SUBSCRIPTION10 for a 10% discount off all subscriptions of $25 or more!

Use discount code SUBSCRIPTION20 for a 20% discount off all subscriptions of $40 or more!

Drink Coffee, Feed Cats

Every 12oz bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty in a shelter for one week! And when you buy a 2lb bag, you'll be feeding a homeless kitty for two weeks!

Carbon Neutral

What's the point of awesome cat coffee if we can't enjoy it with our children and grandchildren? That's why we purchase carbon neutral shipping on every order, at no cost to you.

Shop stress free, you're doing your part!

Always Free Shipping

Orders leave our warehouse within one business day.

Free 2-day delivery on orders over $30

At long last, K-Cups are here! 

Our k-cups are available in 16ct. If you would like to order in bulk for personal use or in an office please contact us!

Please note, our k-cups are rated to be compliant with 2.0 brewers, but our k-cups are considered third party. While our k-cups should work in most pod style brewers, some brewers (particularly newer Keurig brewers) have leakage issues with third party k-cups.