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Kitty Town Coffee

The Original Sydney: Medium Roast from Brazil

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Drink Coffee, Feed Cats

Every 12oz bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty in a shelter for one week! And when you buy a 2lb bag, you'll be feeding a homeless kitty for two weeks!

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This is closest to what you typically expect out of your coffee. It's smooth, tasty, and has just enough kick to satisfy. We like to say that this is what you expect from coffee but… better. Nutty and bold with hints of caramel.


The blend that started it all, named after the special cat who started it all.  The Sydney is a nutty, sweet, full-bodied coffee with very low acidity. The flavor is naturally smooth with notes of cashews and almonds.

This blend is an excellent coffee for everyday use. Medium boldness, it is an excellent coffee for breakfast or an afternoon pick me up.

Meet the cat!

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