Meet Albert

Mister Albert

The Cat

Nicknames: Mister Albert, MB, Bert, Cat 1, Big Cat
Super power: Putting a human to sleep in under 3 seconds
Personality: Love bug, laid back, sweet, guard cat, protective of his human mom

Albert is a super sweet Maine Coon. We adopted him when he was 9 weeks old while Sydney was still with us. The little guy was so confident that at 3 pounds, the first time he met his 12 pound sister, he decided to pounce her. She did not appreciate it. He had an adorable habit of wiggling his back hips when he pounced… and we’re happy to report that at 21 pounds he still does it.

Albert is the most loyal and loving cat you'll ever meet. He loves to break cat stereotypes. He loves when you pet his belly, he greets you at the door, he is very concerned about your emotional well-being, and when he's hiding he loves when you find him and bring him into the conversation because it makes him feel loved.

The Coffee

This is our most popular blend. This will be one of the smoothest coffees you’ll ever taste. It has a uniquely creamy taste that cream lovers love. With the Albert Blend, you should try your first cup without cream—you won’t need it!