Our Coffee

Our Coffee

On a coffee lover's journey, far too many stop short of discovering the beauty of a freshly roasted cup of well prepared coffee. 

Every coffee roaster has a different philosophy. Our's is simple: good coffee for everyone. That means our coffee is fresh and our coffee tastes like coffee... just a little better. Our coffee also comes at a price you can afford, so you can enjoy our coffee every single day.

We consider ourselves to be an introductory specialty roaster. Typically the coffee lover's journey goes like this: first it tastes awful, then you add tons of cream so it doesn't taste so awful, then you start drinking whatever is available (convincing yourself that it's not bad), then you settle on a middle of the road brand sold at your grocery store. For most, their coffee journey stops here. We are the next step. Our coffee still tastes like coffee, just without all the stuff you don't actually like. Our coffee is smooth, naturally sweet, and quite delicious. 

What's up with different roasts?

The easiest way we've come up with to describe roast levels is to think about it like steak. A light roast is like rare, a medium roast is like medium (you even have medium-rare and medium-well equivalents!), and a dark roast is like well done. It's all about how long the coffee is roasted.

Generally, a very light roast is lighter in color, sometimes even a yellow color. The lighter the roast (closer to yellow), the more likely it is to have a sour or grassy flavor. Most grocery store brands do not roast this light for any coffee, in fact, a lot of "light" roasts in grocery stores are actually darker than our darkest roast.

In contrast, dark roasts, similar to a well done steak, are dominated by a charred or roasted flavor, not as much by the bean's natural flavor. It has a flavor that can be described as roasty, smokey, burnt, pungent, bold, strong, or robust. This is the flavor that "puts hair on your chest", and also the flavor a lot of people like to mask with cream and sugar.

We prefer to roast our beans to a medium roast. We believe that all coffee beans have their own story that they want to share, and roasting to this level is best to draw out the bean's natural flavors. 

To learn a little more detail about coffee, check out our blog on Roasts and Origins.

So, how should I brew it?

How you brew will vary greatly on your method, your specific brewing device, and your personal taste preferences. Consider a few of our recommendations as a starting point, and we encourage you to experiment to create your own perfect cup of coffee.

You can brew our coffee using a standard drip machine. A good starting point is 1 tablespoon per cup of coffee. So that is to say, if you have a 12 cup machine, use 12 tablespoons of coffee. One thing to note, coffee pots don't typically use 8oz cups, they use "coffee cups" which are closer to around 5oz.

If you own a food scale and want to be a bit more precise, we recommend .2oz/cup. So if you have an 8 cup machine, you should use 1.6oz of grounds.

One of our favorite brewing methods is the French Press. We grind our coffee coarsely, and use 1.6 ounces of coffee in a 1 liter (34oz - usually described as an 8-cup) French Press. 

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