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The Dewey Morning Blend

The Dewey Morning Blend

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Drink Coffee, Feed Cats!

Every 12oz bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty in a shelter for one week!

Every 2lb bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty for 2 weeks!

Every 5lb bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty for 1 month!

Fast & Free Shipping

Orders placed before 12pm eastern time leave our roastery on the same day!

Free express delivery on most orders of $40 or more!

Carbon Neutral

What's the point of awesome cat coffee if we can't enjoy it with our children and grandchildren? That's why we offset our shipping carbon footprint on every order, at no cost to you.

Shop stress free, you're doing your part!

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Coffee Story

This delicious coffee from Uganda is rich and earthy, reminding us of a beautiful spring morning. This coffee comes from farms involved in The Sipi Falls Coffee Project. The Sipi Falls Coffee Project is situated around the Mount Elgon region in Uganda and was founded in 1999. The Project now encompasses over 5,000 smallholder producers and covers over 2,000 hectares of production. The producers involved in this project continuously work to improve their agronomic practices to generate higher yields and better product preparation--producing better coffee for you and better income for their families.

Dewey's Story

Since the day we brought him home four years ago, he has been the supervisor and active participant in everything around the house. Cooking dinner...Dewey's there, perched on the trashcan (because mom won't let him on the counter!). House repairs...Dewey's watching. Friends are over...Dewey is the star of the show, as he's never met a stranger. He's nosey and loves to be actively involved in everything going on. That being said, I think if he were a person, he'd be a multi-cup a day person.