No Espresso Maker? Use Cold Brew!

No Espresso Maker? Use Cold Brew!

Want to make a deliciously refreshing iced latte at home, but don't have an espresso maker? Brew a cold brew concentrate to create your tasty treat!

What You'll Need:
- 8oz ground coffee (we recommend Mooney's Midnight Espresso)
- 16oz water
- French Press 


1) Add the ground coffee to the bottom of the french press 
2) Add water
3) Stir coffee and water to create a slurry--make sure all coffee is submersed
4) Apply lid, but DO NOT press down on plunger
5) Leave French Press on counter for at least 12 hours (refrigerating will make the brewing process take at least 36 hours)
6) Press the plunger down to filter the coffee 
7) Enjoy! Use 2oz of concentrate in recipes for iced lattes

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