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Kitty Town Coffee

Mooney's Midnight Espresso

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Yes, that's right! We double our donation for all subscriptions:

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Subscriptions are available in 2 week, 1 month, or 3 month increments. If you're looking for a special order cadence, just shoot us an email at, and we can work with you to set it up!

Drink Coffee, Feed Cats

Every 12oz bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty in a shelter for one week!

Every 2lb bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty for 2 weeks!

Every 5lb bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty for 1 month!

Carbon Neutral

What's the point of awesome cat coffee if we can't enjoy it with our children and grandchildren? That's why we purchase carbon neutral shipping on every order, at no cost to you.

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You asked for an espresso blend, we delivered! Enjoy our dark espresso blend, Mooney's Midnight Espresso. This dark roast is the perfect blend for a silky dark espresso that punches through a milky craft drink. This blend includes coffee from Guatemala and Indonesia (Sumatra), all roasted to a dark vienna roast to ensure those smokey notes come through to perfection.

(PS: If you're a cafe, and looking for a new espresso blend, contact us! We want the coffee you serve to feed cats in your community!)


Espresso FAQs:

What's the difference between espresso and regular coffee?
Espresso is a coffee beverage made from a specific brewing method. Technically all of our coffees can be made into delightful espressos - and many cafes all over the country do just that. 

What's an espresso blend?
To us, an espresso blend is a blend of beans that we feel tastes best as espresso, and has a wide 'success' window when extracting espresso. This means that you can use our espresso blends to pull great shots even if you don't have tens of thousands of dollars of espresso equipment.

I have an espresso machine, how do I get best results with your espresso?
For our medium espresso (Bean's), we generally recommend shooting for a 2.5-3:1 ratio. This means if you make your puck 18g of coffee, you should shoot for between 45 and 54g of espresso in the cup. Tamp your puck using roughly 35 lbs of pressure, make sure the puck is not on a slant after tamping. Ideally the extraction should last between 25 and 35 seconds; if the pull takes too long, grind coarser, if it is too short, grind finer. 

I ordered espresso ground coffee, and there isn't adequate crema- what's wrong with my coffee?
Nothing is wrong! For all coffee, we think you'll get the best results by ordering whole bean. However, for espresso, this is nearly required. Due to the fineness of the espresso grind, and the aggressive pressure and heat of the extraction, espresso is especially sensitive to being pre-ground. 

Questions about our coffee? Which grind to get, when our coffee was roasted, ingredients, etc.? Check out our FAQ page!