• Delicious Coffee

    All of our coffee is 100% Specialty Grade, Roasted to Purr-fection.

  • Named After Cats

    We find the perfect coffee and tell it's story through a Kitty's personality.

  • Feeds Cats

    Every bag sold feeds a homeless Kitty for one week.

NEW! Chloe's Christmas Blend

Try our Limited Edition Holiday Coffee!

Try our new limited edition, Chloe's Christmas Blend! This special blend is a dark roast blend with coffees from Uganda, Indonesia (Sumatra), Guatemala, and Brazil. Each coffee brings a unique flavor to your cup, from Uganda's rich earthiness, Sumatra's distinct spice, Guatemala's rich dark chocolate, and Brazil's sweet nuttiness. All together these coffees create a delicious blend worthy of serving on Christmas morning. 

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Now through Wednesday! Get a FREE Kitty Town Mug with Purchase of $100+! 

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1) Add $100+ to your cart

2) Add the 11oz Kitty Town Mug to your cart

3) At checkout, use code: FREEMUG1223

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Rescue of the Month

This month our donations are supporting the Nobody's Cats Foundation!

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  • Sydney

    Sydney was the original Kitty Town Coffee cat. She showed up at our doorstep one cold October evening in 2014, cold and hungry.

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  • Mr. Albert

    Albert is a super sweet Maine Coon. We adopted him when he was 9 weeks old, and we had Sydney. 

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  • Roy

    Roy showed up at his human's house as a tiny baby, and has grown up to be close to 19 pounds.

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  • Fezzik

    Fezzik was indeed named after the character from the Princess Bride. Like the character in the movie, he is large and lovable.

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