Kitty Town Coffee

Fresh roasted coffee. Named after cats. Need I say more?

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Who We Are

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Meet the Kitties


Sydney was the original Kitty Town Coffee cat. She showed up at our doorstep one cold October evening in 2014, cold and hungry.

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Mr. Albert

Albert is a super sweet Maine Coon. We adopted him when he was 9 weeks old, and we had Sydney. 

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Roy showed up at his human's house as a tiny baby, and has grown up to be close to 19 pounds.

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Fezzik was indeed named after the character from the Princess Bride. Like the character in the movie, he is large and lovable.

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We were working on a Guatemalan coffee when we met Rafiki's mom. She told us about how Rafiki once lived in Guatemala, and we knew it was a perfect match!

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Tara's mom pitched the name Tara's Tiramisu to us, and we couldn't stop thinking about it.

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COVID-19: What We're Doing and How You Can Help

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What do people say?

Amazing coffee. Smooth and nutty.


Typically I drink cream with a little coffee. I love the Albert blend because there was no need to add creamer. It’s perfect just as itself, mild, sweet, and a little nutty :) you’ll love it!


First kind of coffee that I can drink without cream and sugar! Amazing!


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