• Delicious Coffee

    All of our coffee is 100% Specialty Grade, Roasted to Purr-fection.

  • Named After Cats

    We find the perfect coffee and tell it's story through a Kitty's personality.

  • Feeds Cats

    Every bag sold feeds a homeless Kitty for one week.

NEW! The Dewey Morning Blend

Try our Limited Edition Coffee From Uganda

This delicious coffee from Uganda is rich and earthy, reminding us of a beautiful spring morning. This coffee comes from farms involved in The Sipi Falls Coffee Project.The Sipi Falls Coffee Project is situated around the Mount Elgon region in Uganda and was founded in 1999. The Project now encompasses over 5,000 smallholder producers and covers over 2,000 hectares of production. The producers involved in this project continuously work to improve their agronomic practices to generate higher yields and better product preparation--producing better coffee for you and better income for their families.

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Rescue of the Month

This month our donations are supporting the San Francisco SPCA!

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  • Sydney

    Sydney was the original Kitty Town Coffee cat. She showed up at our doorstep one cold October evening in 2014, cold and hungry.

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  • Mr. Albert

    Albert is a super sweet Maine Coon. We adopted him when he was 9 weeks old, and we had Sydney. 

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  • Roy

    Roy showed up at his human's house as a tiny baby, and has grown up to be close to 19 pounds.

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  • Fezzik

    Fezzik was indeed named after the character from the Princess Bride. Like the character in the movie, he is large and lovable.

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