At Kitty Town Coffee doing good things in the community is what we do best. Every bag we sell supports animal shelters, but we'd love to do more through our fundraiser program. This program is available to animal shelters, schools, church groups, non-profits, and community groups looking for ways to raise money to reach their goals. Keep reading to learn more about our program, or contact us today to learn more!

  • 1) Download the Fundraiser Materials

    We made it easy to get started! Start by downloading the fundraiser materials, which includes a catalog and order forms for you to distribute to your supporters.

    Download Fundraiser Materials 
  • 2) Start Selling

    Hit the streets and start collecting orders! Share our catalog with your supporters and fill in the order sheet.

    Selling Tips 
  • 3) Submit the Order Form

    Send us your completed order forms so we can get started on fulfilling your order! We'll send you a digital invoice to pay by credit card, and we ship your order within 3 days of receipt!

    Submit Order Form 


Can any organization do a fundraiser?

Yes! While we designed our fundraisers with animal shelters in mind, any organization can take advantage of our easy to use fundraiser system.

Do I need to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit?

No! With our program, you are simply placing an order for a discounted rate, and keeping the profit for your organization. Therefore, we do not require proof of non-profit status.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, there is a minimum order of 12 bags in any given fundraising order. However, if you work on a fundraiser and end up selling less, feel free to contact us - we'll do our best to help your organization as much as possible.

Will you send the orders directly to my supporters?

No, we will send your order in 1 shipment to the address you provide.

How much will I make?

You can sell the coffee for whatever price you would like. However, we recommend you match our website.

We ship the coffee to you for free, and charge 40% less for 12oz bags, and 30% less for 2lb bags.

Success Story: Nobody's Cats Foundation

Nobody's Cats Foundation located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania partnered with us in 2020 and made us a part of their ongoing fundraising efforts. They run a monthly fundraiser with their supporters, and this partnership has raised thousands of dollars for their organization.