At Kitty Town Coffee we support many organizations in our community through our fundraiser program and would love to partner with you to meet your goals! We do fundraising through our retail brand, Kitty Town Coffee, or through our wholesale brand, KT Coffee. We support organizations and causes of all types. Read below for information about our typical fundraiser.

How is the fundraiser structured?
Together we will select a start date for your organization to begin collecting orders. Typically fundraisers run for a set period of time (most common is 4 weeks). You will distribute information to your supporters. They will place their orders on our website and indicate at checkout that their order is for your fundraiser. At the end of the fundraiser we will tally your earnings and issue payment to your organization.

Which products are included in the fundraiser?
Our entire product line is offered at our normal retail pricing.

How much will our organization earn?
Organizations will earn a minimum of 30% of the proceeds. If you have a larger sales goal you may be able to earn a higher percentage, so make sure you contact us to discuss your sales goal.

What marketing support do you offer?
We will provide you with digital promotional materials for social media or email marketing as well as some paper catalogs to distribute if needed.

How does ordering work?
Participants will order on our normal website and use the coupon code provided to ensure that your organization receives the proper credit. 

How do we get started?
Fill out the form below!