Drink Coffee. Feed Cats. We make fresh roasted specialty coffee, and every bag of our coffee feeds a cat in a shelter for a week! That’s what we’re all about here at Kitty Town.

We started in 2017, roasting our coffee with popcorn poppers in our garage, 3oz at a time. We were selling to friends and family–then eventually to friends of friends, at craft shows, and however else we could get Kitty Town into people’s hands. By 2019 we moved into a commercial space in a former steel mill in Lebanon, PA, roasting on an 18kg US Roaster Corp. Today, we roast on a refurbished 90kg Gothot coffee roaster that was originally built in 1962. We roast, pack, and ship our coffee all across the country to stores and people’s homes. 

You could say that the company was founded by Sydney, Zanetta’s first cat. But the first human behind Kitty Town was Zanetta Kok. Zanetta became interested in roasting coffee back in high school. What started as a hobby became something more. As we grew, Zanetta’s husband, Kenny, joined as a co-founder and took over roasting our coffee. We named it Kitty Town because our two cats at the time, Sydney and Albert, were really in charge of the house–if you have a kitty you know how it is. Unfortunately, around the time that we were starting the company, Sydney passed away suddenly. That is why we decided to dedicate the company to her, and our mission is to feed homeless kitties everywhere–one bag of coffee at a time.