Our Story

Hello! Welcome to Kitty Town Coffee. Kitty Town Coffee was founded by me, Zanetta Kok. I've worked in the coffee industry for over 9 years before starting Kitty Town. I told myself that I would learn to roast the first time I saw a shiny, red Diedrich roaster sitting in a coffee shop window. That day came shortly after graduating from college. It started as a hobby and as people began tasting my coffee it grew into something more.

Kitty Town was inspired by my first cat, Sydney. She was a stray who came to my doorstep one cold night in October of 2014. She always seemed to believe in me. Her love helped me accomplish my personal goals. In 2016 we adopted Albert. Sydney taught him everything she knew and the two of them completely took over the house. That's when our house got the nickname, Kitty Town.  I was starting to make plans to turn my coffee roasting hobby into a business when Sydney passed away. When I lost her I knew that I had to start Kitty Town for her. Part of our mission as a company is to find ways to partner with and support the efforts of local animal shelters to make sure that special kitties like Sydney can always find a home.

At Kitty Town, we believe in supporting our community and doing things right. We pride ourselves in being a brand that is easy to connect with. We create high quality coffees and offer them at a price that you can afford, because that's the right thing to do.