Do you want to sell our coffee at your business? We can do that! We offer our wholesale through our parent brand, Sydney Roasting Co

To get started, check out our wholesale brand: 

Retail Stores

Ask about our Feed the Kitties program! We let you choose your favorite animal shelter to support, and we'll make donations on your behalf every time you order. We provide reports so you can share with your community what kind of impact you are making.


We can do whole bean or ground coffee for your cafe. All of our coffees are a high quality specialty grade, and we carry a variety of roasts and origins. We can also help you create a custom blend that your customers will love. 

Restaurants and Foodservice

For restaurants and other foodservice operations, we can do single pot frac packs that are both economical and convenient.


Serving cat themed coffee increases productivity by like, 1000%. I read that somewhere once.