Effective Fundraisers

Tips on effectively selling for fundraisers 

1) Choose a time frame 

Fundraisers are most effective when you put a time limit on them. Having an end date creates urgency and encourages people to order. We recommend a 3-4 week fundraiser to allow your supporters enough time to consider purchasing, while also creating enough urgency to make the sale.

2) Use your email list and social media

Many people love to support fundraising efforts, and coffee is a great low cost fundraiser item that people love. Use your email list and social media to help promote your fundraiser.

3) Use the fundraiser to promote events

Schedule a fundraiser to happen a few weeks before an in person event you'd like to promote, and encourage your supporters to come pick up their coffee at the event! 

4) Make fundraising happen regularly

The great thing about coffee is that 50% of people drink it--and most of them drink it everyday! Coffee is the perfect fundraiser to run continuously. As a consumable, your supporters may start switching to using the coffee as their everyday treat, and your organization will reap the benefits!

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