Belly Hands

Belly Hands

It's winter time here in Pennsylvania, and we run this coffee roasting company here in a warehouse that is not temperature controlled. When Kenny runs the roaster it helps take the edge off, but some days the cold can still set deep within your bones. 

During the Christmas season, Kenny and I were working some long days, trying to get the coffee out the door for everyone's Christmas presents. One day, I came home, and it was particularly bitter outside. I walked in my door and greeted my three excited cats. I put out some food, and Albert, our Maine Coon, was first to indulge. I sat down on the couch, and put a couple of blankets on myself to warm up.

I had gotten my legs warm, but my hands were still quite cold, it was the last bastion for feeling comfortable. For whatever reason, I had never had this thought before, I said out loud, "Hey, kitties, you know what would be cool? If you guys could provide the service where you would lay down next to me and put your belly out, so that I can stick my hands in your fur to warm them." Without hesitation, Albert stopped eating--he was actively chewing when he walked over to me--and let out a loud and distinct Maine Coon trill, before jumping up on the couch next to me. What do you know? The little guy came over, rolled onto his back so his belly was out, and indeed allowed me to warm my hands in his belly fur.

I have never said those words to him before, I said it exactly that way in a conversational tone. I think there's no other explanation besides that Albert clearly understands conversational English.

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