The story we would like to tell you in detail is our beloved Conrad. We got the call February 4,2021. A family that has long cared for community cats had trapped and taken in a mother and 2 of her 4 kittens 6 years prior. Unfortunately, the other 2 male kittens had run off. One never returned. The other would return from time to time but other than being fed, had no interest in being helped in any way and consistently eluded trapping.

Then, last year, he came back in March, wearing an old flea collar but infested with fleas, his ears looked infected and he had visible wounds. He was painfully thin (5 pounds). He came right to them and allowed them to bring him inside. They gave him a bed and he lay down, faced the wall and they could tell he had given up. They called our rescue and within 10 minutes, our President and founder, Robyn, went there, picked him up and settled him into our shelter.

We don't know if he ever had a real family, or how long he had been left out on his own but he was clearly grateful to be inside, warm and fed. We could see the gratitude in his eyes and body language. The change from hopeless to hopeful was visible. He went to our vet where he was diagnosed with anemia, and got medication for that and his ears. He improved day by day but was not gaining weight. Another trip to the vet revealed a diagnosis of diabetes.

Since then he has thrived, he gets insulin twice a day and is on a special diabetes diet. He is on our adoptable list but is welcome to stay with us in his very own kitty condo, which he loves, he is foster now with 2 sibling(dogs). He has the loudest purr we've ever heard and has stolen all of our hearts. He loves to head butt and cuddle, play with his toys and just watch the world go by, perched by his front door. He can have a little bit of Catitude which just makes us love him more. We are all grateful to have met Connie and he has taught us that happiness comes from knowing that you are cared for, safe and loved. Our rescue is very small but we have helped many and would like to continue to bring this kind of happiness and hope to many, many cats in the future.

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