Lavender Coconut Freddo

Lavender Coconut Freddo

This deliciously creamy treat comes from a popular drink served in Greece! The Freddo is made with aerated espresso to minimize harsh notes and create a delightfully creamy treat! Lavender Coconut flavor is perfect for when you're dreaming of spring time on a chilly winter morning!


Espresso maker (espresso machine, aeropress, moka pot, etc.)


1 Double Shot Espresso
1oz Coconut Syrup
1oz Lavender Syrup
Milk of choice


Pull double shot of espresso
Pour espresso & flavoring into blender
Blend on high until espresso changes color, about 20 seconds 
Fill cup with ice
Pour espresso & flavoring over ice
Top with milk of choice

Enjoy this creamy Greek treat!

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