Meet Max


The Cat

Super power: Twerking (yes really)
Special Skills: Taking down his favorite toy (and sitting next to it until you will make it move again), loudly commenting on every single aspect of household life, blackbelt snuggler.

Max's mom and dad were customers of ours, and we fell in love with Max's story! Here is Max's bio, as written by his mom:

Max is likely some sort of Russian blue, but we will never really know because he was a street kitty who wandered into our lives without any official paperwork. He adopted us in the summer of 2009. He was this scrawny, skinny, cat who meowed so loud you thought he had rabies. It did not take long to realize that even though this cat sounded like he was downloading the souls of the damned when he spoke, his unique meow was actually just how he begged to be loved. He began to learn the sound of our car, and when we would arrive home at the end of the day, we would hear him yelling at us from several houses away as he ran to find us! He moved into our yard, and would sit in the window of whatever room we were in in the house and yell at us. If we moved to another room, so did he, and the yelling would continue until we would go outside and pet him or feed him, and even then he could never get enough. Towards the end of September 2009, we were getting married and about to go on our honeymoon. It also was starting to get cold, so we decided that if Max was still living in our yard when we got back, we would take him to the vet and see about adopting him. The house-sitters looked out for him while we were away, and thankfully he was faithfully sitting in our yard when we returned and that was it! The vet told us that he had no microchip, but that his health and his teeth indicated that he had not been on the street for very long. We quickly concluded that a cat with so many opinions may not be welcome in everyone’s house, but he was perfect for ours. He moved in shortly thereafter, and he has been the happiest (and loudest) house cat known to mankind.

Now he is perhaps 11 or 12, but has as much if not more energy as he has ever had. When the doorbell rings, he beats the dog to the door to find whatever new friend is there to pet him (while he yells at them of course). He will sit by his favorite toy all day long until you make it move and when he catches it, he celebrates with his own special twerking dance. He would gladly spend the rest of his time snuggling with his mom, or if she’s not available, he’ll settle for planting his kitty butt on his dad’s foot while his dad is working. At least once or twice a day, he’ll “get lost” in the house and begin wailing until you call his name and he can get some special kitty snuggle time. He is as unique a cat as they come.

His name is Max because when we met him, it sounded like he was trying to tell us his name. But he still hasn’t quite figured out how to say an X sound yet. So it’s just MAAAAAAAAAAAA(x)

The Coffee

Max is now the face of our Hazelnut flavored coffee, which is now going to be called, Max Hazelnut: Hazelnut to the Max! Look for new labels with his face in the coming weeks!