Meet Smokey

Special Partner

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with Zen By Cat. This amazing organization has been featured on Houzz and Animal Planet, and they have a special place in their hearts for FIP Research. If you're not familiar with FIP, you can learn more about this devastating disease here.

We are excited to partner with them and their FIP Warriors initiative to help find a cure for this terrible disease. Every bag you purchase from us of the Smokey Blend (coming soon!) supports them directly. They will receive 15% from the sale of this blend.


The Cat

The Cat

Nicknames: Tuff Little Man
Super Power: Ignoring all house rules while avoiding all punishment. Surviving hard experiences.
Personality:  Stoic, Unflappable, Energetic

Smokey was found in a field alone at around 5 weeks of age and nursed back to health by his first foster human.   He developed Wet FIP at around 13 weeks of age and had the amazing good fortune to get into the very first UC Davis drug trial when he was 16 weeks old.   He responded well and within a week was able to come back home to House OF Nekko to complete 11 more weeks of twice daily painful injections. He is one of 5 surviving FIP Cats out of the original 20 from that trial and has been FIP free for 2 1/2 years.   

From Smokey's Dad: Smokey is one of the most stoic cats I have ever met.  Even when the vet tech arrived each morning and night to give him his medicine and he knew what was coming, he never ran from us. He just hunkered down and growled to let us know how unhappy he was but he let us give him the drug. To this day, he is nervous around new humans but only for a few minutes and then will come up to anyone, especially for a treat.   

He loves to run on his FerrisCatWheel from ZiggyDoo for hours each day, often talking to himself while walking or running. He also loves to explore on the catwalks at House Of Nekko.   

He bonded especially close with his friend MiniBean and they often play and sleep together.

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