Meet Sydney

The Original Sydney

The Cat

Nicknames: Sydney Loo, SL, Big Cat (when Albert was 3 pounds at 9 weeks old), Little Cat (when Albert grew to 17 pounds)
Super power: Moving across the room so fast you could've sworn she teleported
Personality: Sweet, cuddly, sassy, the queen

Sydney was the original Kitty Town Coffee cat. She showed up at our doorstep one cold October evening in 2014, cold and hungry. She came right into our house and never left us until she passed away over the summer of 2017. Sydney had a boldness about her that complemented her sweet personality. If you were in the vicinity of a couch or chair, she let you know that you should be sitting down so she could warm your lap. It was fitting to us that her blend would be bold and sweet, just like our sweet girl.

The Coffee

The blend that started it all, named after the special cat who started it all.  The Sydney is a nutty, bold, and full-bodied coffee with very low acidity. The flavor is naturally sweet with notes of cashews and almonds. This is a good coffee to serve to a crowd. Smooth enough for some, bold enough for others.