The Coffee Fairy Program

Have you ever wished that a magical coffee fairy would come and deliver freshly roasted coffee to your door? Well you're in luck!

Our delivery program will bring the freshest coffee right to you, and we have three programs designed to bring you the right amount every time.

The Lite Plan

This plan is perfect for someone who often drinks coffee, but not everyday. Or for the one who goes hard on the weekends and sticks to tea during the week. Either way, this plan is for those who see coffee as more of a treat.

The Daily Fix - Most Popular

This the plan that will work for most people. This is perfect for someone who drinks about a cup or two per day, or two people who each drink one cup most days. It's for when you just can't bear to drink that stuff they make at work. Can you even call it coffee?

 The Everyday's A Good Day Plan - Best Value

This plan is perfect for the coffee addict who drinks 3-4 cups per day, or two people who drink 2 cups most days. It's to ensure that everyday is a good, well caffeinated day.

Need even more?

Our wholesale pricing starts at 10lb/mo ;-) We're only kinda kidding, if you actually drink that much coffee (or want to go in with some friends!) we have some great bulk pricing! Contact us to learn more!


The pricing for this program is a flat rate which includes the cost of shipping.

Serving recommendations are based on 16oz cups with 15 grams of coffee per cup.

Subscriptions may be changed anytime prior to 5 days before the next shipment, your subscription may be cancelled at any time.