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Peppermint Flavoring Syrup

Peppermint Flavoring Syrup

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The minty flavor is very strong! We recommend using only a small amount of syrup in your drinks!

Our flavoring syrups are made from simple ingredients and designed specifically to complement our coffee. No chemical taste, no fake over the top flavor, just simple delicious ingredients for a delicious coffee treat!

Gluten Free | Nut Allergen Free | Soy Free | Dairy Free

Ingredients: Cane sugar, Water, Baking Emulsion (water, propylene glycol, natural & artificial flavors, gum)
750mL Bottle Made From Plastic
To maximize freshness, refrigerate after opening.

Our flavoring syrups are shipped in plastic bottles, wrapped for shipping. As any liquid that’s being shipped, on occasion, a small amount of liquid will leak from the cap. Our caps are designed so that as long as there are no visible cracks, the contents are safe to consume. We overfill our syrup bottles by about an ounce just to be sure that you get what you paid for. Please note, if the lid is not cracked and less than an ounce leaks through the cap, we will not be able to offer a refund or credit. For this reason, our syrups may not be an ideal gift item.

If you receive a bottle that has been cracked or has lost a significant amount of liquid (more than an ounce) please take photos and send them to us by email so we can make it right as soon as possible! If we do not receive a photo of the damaged product we may not be able to provide a replacement.

Drink Coffee, Feed Cats!

Every 12oz bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty in a shelter for one week!

Every 2lb bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty for 2 weeks!

Every 5lb bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty for 1 month!

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