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Kitty Town Coffee

Pepper's Mint Mocha

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Subscribe & Double Your Impact!

When you subscribe, you feed 2x the kitties!

Yes, that's right! We double our donation for all subscriptions:

2 weeks per 12oz bag

4 weeks per 2lb bag

2 months per 5lb bag

Subscriptions are available in 2 week, 1 month, or 3 month increments. If you're looking for a special order cadence, just shoot us an email at, and we can work with you to set it up!

Drink Coffee, Feed Cats

Every 12oz bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty in a shelter for one week!

Every 2lb bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty for 2 weeks!

Every 5lb bag of coffee you buy feeds a homeless kitty for 1 month!

Carbon Neutral

What's the point of awesome cat coffee if we can't enjoy it with our children and grandchildren? That's why we purchase carbon neutral shipping on every order, at no cost to you.

Shop stress free, you're doing your part!

Fast & Free Shipping

Orders placed before 12pm Eastern leave our warehouse same day!

Free express delivery on orders of $40 or more!

What's more festive than a cup of Peppermint Mocha flavored coffee? Our fresh roasted coffee from Brazil is flavored with all natural flavorings to create this delicious treat!

Did you know that we use all natural flavorings?

This means that our flavored coffee is a little different (and way more natural!) than other flavored coffees you may buy elsewhere! They are made from a very concentrated alcohol based extract, similar to what you may use in baking. Here's what you can expect:

- Our flavorings are more subtle than artificial and oil based flavors. This is by design, our flavored coffees are designed to complement the coffee's natural taste without overpowering it. Some customers may find that the flavoring is a bit light for their taste.
- We recommend enjoying our flavored coffees with cream for optimal flavor.
- The best way to maximize the flavor is by using an immersion brewing method (such as a French Press).
- The alcohol base will be evaporated off of the beans by the time they get to you. So your coffee will not have an oily residue that many flavored coffees have.
- Since the alcohol evaporates, nutritionally there are no added carbs, sugars, or calories in our flavored coffee.

Questions about our coffee? Which grind to get, when our coffee was roasted, ingredients, etc.? Check out our FAQ page!